Currandulla, Galway.

    Timber Frame Passive House Currandulla, Co. Galway built in 2013. Designed by Miles Sampson Architects.

    Specification on the Project and Timber Frame build up below

    • Foundation insulated with Aerobord Insulation in a cold-bridge free foundation system that sits formally on the ground
    • Wall build up of 140mm stud filled with Cellulose insulation with 100mm external wood fibre, 50mm service cavity also insulated
    • Roof build up 300mm Ibeam filled with Cellulose and 100mm external wood fibre insulation
    • Airtightness level <0.6 ACH first test 0.42 and final 0.52
    • Heating and ventilation Nilan compact with geo module
    • Triple glazed timber windows by True Windows
    • 85 number Sigma PV Tiles to generate 4kw to help charge future electric car
    • Images ny Miles Sampson Architects